To promote the dancing culture as a lif-long sport...
Aims of JBDF
Japan Ballroom Dance Federation (JBDF) was established in 1992 as a public service corporation under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Education (now Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). Ballroom dancing had been enjoyed by many people in Japan both as a competition sport and as a hobby, but due to a shift in the social structure such as the aging society and the increased leisure time, it has become the demand of the age to promote the ballroom dancing.

In the Western culture, ballroom dancing is a part of the daily life. Unexpectedly, Japan is also a major dance-loving country who holds several million amateurs. Ballroom dancing links a person to a person, a heart to a heart. JBDF is striving to popularize ballroom dancing in Japan for the sake of a rich and wholesome 21st century.

What's New
The 36th Japan International Dancing Championships 2015(3.30.2015) NEW
JBDF Basic Policy(1.26.2015)

JBDF organizes more than 150 competitions every year including the four major ones such as the Japan International Dancing Championships.
What's New