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What is JBDF ?
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About JBDF


What is JBDF ?


Developed through its parent body the Nippon League of Competitive Ballroom Dancing (NLCBD) which had led the Japanese dancing society for 50 years, JBDF has made a fresh start in 1992 as a public service corporation to promote and develop the ballroom dancing and its techniques, thus contributing to the wholesome development of the mind and body of the Japanese citizens.

Since then, JBDF has opened junior dancing schools, offered support for public school education, hosted numerous competitions and promotion events nationwide while bringing along coaches and establishing a qualifying examination system indispensable for the popularization of ballroom dancing.

Due to its combined nature of art and sport, it is possible to enjoy ballroom dancing in various ways. In Japan, people are much interested in ballroom dancing as ‘a life-long sport’ nowadays. Since it can be enjoyed flexibly according to the person’s physical competence and purpose, not a few doctors recommend ballroom dancing for rehabilitation and precaution against corpulence. Being a pair sport, it also facilitates a good manner and communication skills. There are efforts to utilize it in the school education as well.

JBDF is striving to implement those activities with its five divisions (Hokkaido, Eastern Japan, Central Japan, Western Japan and Kyushu), 46 branches and approximately 13,000 members (7,000 professional coaches and 6,000 amateur coaches).

Corporate Name
  Japan Ballroom Dance Federation
  2F & 3F Nihon Dance Kaikan, 2-33-4 Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0007 JAPAN
+81 (0)3 5652 7351
+81 (0)3 5652 7354 (2F)/+81 (0)3 5652 7355 (3F)
Date of Foundation
  March 24, 1992
Presiding Ministry
  Sports-for-All Division, Sports and Youth Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Board Member
<Honorary President>
Tetsuo Misumi
Takayuki Anzai
<Vice President>
Shigemitsu Tanabe / Noriyuki Nishizaka
    Kazuo Sakuramoto
Noriyuki Nishizaka
<Managing Director>
Toshio Endo / Kazuya Kasahara
Chikao Itagaki / Tsutomu Asano
    Yoshiaki Uchida
Hitoshi Tamari / Tsunaaki Oyama
Toshio Saeki / Kunisada Kume
Kazuaki Tanaka / Yuko Nakamura
Tomoyuki Sato / Hisashi Ishihara
Hiroshi Kokubo / Yoko Torii
Shinnosuke Aoki
Daimon Yokomizo / Norio Yotsumoto
    Masami Sawada
Number of Directors
  Director: 20 /Auditor: 3/ Councilor: 100
  Division: 5/Branch: 46
  Professional Dance Instructors Association: 46
Number of members
  14,000 approx. (Qualified Instructors)
Annual Budget
  451 million Japanese yen approx.
Business Purposes
  1 To promote and instruct competitive ballroom dancing.
2 To establish rules for competitions.
3 To organize, qualify, and authorize national, international, and other various competitions.
4 To train and qualify instructors and adjudicators.
5 To certify, keep track of, and commend competition results.
6 To conduct workshops and congresses.
7 To become a member of international organization.
8 To send competitors and officials to international competitions, etc.
9 To investigate and research ballroom dancing.
10 To establish and operate facilities for competitive ballroom dancing.
11 To issue publications relating to ballroom dancing.
12 To provide guidance and advice to promote wholesome dance schools.
13 Other activities required for the achievement of the goals of JBDF.