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Wishes of JBDF


Ballroom dancing has two aspects: dancing as a competition sport,and as an enjoyable life-long sport for everyone.

In Europe and the United States, people of all ages get together on the occasions of parties and various meetings to enjoy ballroom dancing, which cultivates friendship and the love of their families. Although the life style in our country is different, we feel the necessity of such an environment.

Ballroom dancing is a sociable sport. It teaches people to respect one another. It also provides many chances to meet other people. It is a life-long sport good for health. Assuming our responsibilities with in the community, the Japan Ballroom Dance Federation would like to strive to promote ballroom dancing as a national culture.


1.Establishing Relationship with the Community and Preparing the Environment
We provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy ballroom dancing as a daily culture in his/her social life.


2.Strengthening the Support for School Education
We positively offer support to school education and develop a curriculum.


3.Establishing an Instructor Training System
We establish a socially acknowledged instructor training system.


4.Training of Successful Competitors

We establish a training system to bring along competitors who can achieve excellent results at international competitions.